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Tricorder Data Systems was founded with the desire to help speed up the introduction of innovative technologies.  Some innovations that sit unused and or ignored for years.  It’s two primary principals background is the following:

Ray Blankenheim, Presidentemail
Mr. Blankenheim has over twenty years experience as a Senior Software Engineer, Manager and Executive Officer — designing, developing, managing complex software systems for Federal and State Government as well as the private sector.  Taking the lead at developing systems for Unemployment Insurance Services, the Department of Energy, Health and Human Resources, the Employment Standards Agency (ESA) Federal Employment Compensation System (FECA), OSHA, Maryland’s Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation, Employment Training Administration PROTECH, Office of Foreign Labor Certification and Maryland’s Aviation Administration, Mr. Blankenheim is known in Washington, DC, Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland, as a technical thinker, innovative systems designer and IT Project Leader.  Software products produced by Mr. Blankenheim demonstrate a full range of technical competency, are written in a multitude of programming languages and run on a full range of platforms (client/server, internet, intranet, laptops, personal digital assistants and mainframes). 

In addition to being President of TDS, Mr. Blankenheim is CTO of Baltimore’s Waterfront Technologies Inc.  Through these vehicles, Mr. Blankenheim continues to provide high-level expertise to his Federal, State and private sector clients always assuring that client expectations are met.  Mr. Blankenheim has overseen highly complex Configuration Management (CM) Projects at ESA, OSHA and ETA.  The overall result has been a tightly defined deployment of Capability Maturity Model (CMM) and CM standards compliance throughout these stated agencies.

David A. Edgar, CEO • email
Mr. Edgar has over 25 years of experience in the computer IT community.  Much of this experience has been focused in the areas of systems integration, process architecture, and security.  He coauthored the first GSA course in computer security.  Mr. Edgar was one of the senior software architects for the first X.500 system for the US Navy.  He pioneered several unique architectures for distributed data synchronization and protocol conversion.  Mr. Edgar was the inventor of the MBLink electronic mail bridge.  MBLink was the first commercial email bridging product to link VAX-based mainframes with LAN based systems.  He built the first gateways for 3COM, Microsoft Mail, Lotus Notes, SMTP, and Novell’s Global MHS. 

Mr. Edgar was a senior integrations consultant for the Executive Office of the President (EOP) for ten years and provided specialized services for over 1100 other government and commercial clients.  Mr. Edgar was the principle founder and CEO of Altarus Corporation.  He invented several advanced wireless processing architectures that formed the basis of the first secure wireless platform to successfully run across cellular, 802.11x, satellite and Bluetooth networks.  Mr. Edgar designed and developed the first HIPPA compliant wireless application for performing nursing bedside care at VA Hospitals.  He worked with NIST to receive the first FIPS 140-1 certification for a wireless platform.   Mr. Edgar designed and developed the first fully integrated mobile biometrics security authentication system using fingerprints.  He is also currently working on several new advanced designs for maintaining secure network persistency across a Software Defined Radio platform.