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Radiation Scout
Radioactive Material Detection Made Easy

This radiation detection system allows individuals to detect radiation simply by taking a picture or video on their mobile device. Once the image is taken of the suspected radioactive area, it is sent securely in real time to a network server for analysis.  Within seconds, the sender is notified of a potential radiation danger or given the all clear.  The system is designed to provide a low cost, high performance detection solution using standard existing equipment where the use of the technology will garner its greatest benefit. More...


Emergency Management Incident Tracking System

EMITS provides the first integrated tracking system for managing field personnel and assets in real-time. Working with standard Microsoft based computers and handhelds, an organization can manage, monitor and account for any type of emergency or critical situation. Developed from the tactical and operational needs arising from the 2005 San Diego fires and refined in development by experience in the field with the multi-county PA Pittsburgh Region-13 Wright Plan Exercise. More...


Facial Scout
Fast, Secure & Reliable Mobile Facial Recognition for use on smart phones, tablets and PCs

Facial Scout makes mobile & remote facial biometrics possible. By using TDS’s highly optimized secure software-only On-Demand Mobility server Facial ScoutTM can provide the ability to control and manage an unlimited number of handheld data sources and end points in real-time. The TDS mobility server is specifically designed to operate over narrow bandwidth and can provide 99.9999% processing reliability and 10x to 40x processing increase even when encountering intermittent network signal enabling the ability to perform CPU intensive facial recognition in a mobile environment. More...