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Emergency Management Incident Tracking System

EMITS™ provides the first integrated tracking system for managing field personnel and assets in real-time within the National Response Framework (NRF). Working with standard Microsoft based computers and handhelds, an organization can manage, monitor and account for any type of emergency or critical situation. EMITS™ provides an organization with a cost effective strategy of maximizing IT resources, ER personnel and assets through the use of their existing knowledge and management systems. Developed from the tactical and operational needs arising from the 2005 San Diego fires and refined in development by experience in the field with the multi-county PA Pittsburgh Region-13 Wright Plan Exercise.

EMITS encrypts and communicates:

  • at sub-second speed
  • over any wireless medium
  • persistently, reliably, with no interruptions
  • under the most limited bandwidth conditions

Wherever a critical situation may unfold EMITS will:

  • send live data, pictures and videos to remote Command and Control (C2)
  • scan ID badges to verify personnel capabilities and certifications, personnel information can be pulled in from a multitude of different agency databases, on an as needed basis
  • display a photo from C2, if identity verification is required
  • register on-site auxiliary personnel and other individuals (accident victims)
  • track personnel moving from one security zone to the next (staging area into hot-zone)
  • allow medical vitals to be entered and transmitted before and after an event
  • track the use of equipment and material assets
  • display the GPS location of team units
  • transmit safety alerts to C2, for instance to request more personnel and or assets
  • sound safety alerts, for instance, when oxygen tanks are running low or when more personnel or assets are needed
  • feed event data to other emergency responder databases (WebEOC)

EMITS™ Emergency Management Incident Tracking System Presentation (HTM)

EMITS™ Emergency Management Incident Tracking System Quicktime Movie