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Tricorder Data Systems customers span the gambit of private sector, government entities, and individuals in both the US and worldwide markets.  Government and professional groups who are responsible for performing various types of investigations and safety inspections will be able to add radiological screening to their surveys. Others users will be providing security services, facility entry-exit monitoring, and package screening.  Site safety analysis will be able to be performed by anybody in any location.

TDS will provide two specific models for providing software and services.

  1. Subscription Sales Model
    The TDS Solution offers a very low cost service that allows organizations such as HAZMAT teams, state inspectors, police organizations, security personnel, medical personnel, and people that live in high-risk areas or work in job environments that have higher exposure to radiological hazards.  Radiation analysis will be available through a monthly subscription, which will allow smaller organizations and individuals access to radiation detection technology without the cost burden and lead time associated with large capital IT software and hardware acquisition.
  2. Stand-Alone Sales Model
    This is the traditional sales model where software and service are packaged together in a solution set for independent sales into organizations that require large volumes of analysis, specific security requirements, and other site dependant integration.  For example, Government agencies, Department of Defense, and large commercial clients such as Hospitals will require stand-alone installations within their own data centers.  The entire TDS solution set is commercially packaged to address this need with software installation sets, documentation, service install teams, integration analysis, and full helpdesk services.