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Mobile Products and Services

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Tricorder Data Systems markets products and services that provide advanced technology and data processing capabilities to mobile computing users.  Products and services that are designed to cater to handheld devices, cell phones, smart phones, laptops, tablets, embedded and stand alone systems (systems that can be set up in the fly without having extensive integration costs with existing IT systems).  In this way our solutions use standard existing equipment and require the least amount of time needed to activate an operational system.

Scanning the World To Make It Safe

One of the company’s primary goals is to help realize Star Trek’s Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a Tricorder by providing the data services that can make it a reality.  TDS accomplishes this by providing mobile and embedded solutions that perform image analysis in the form of radiation detection, facial recognization and image change detection.  TDS’s mission is to accelerate the access to these innovative technologies by adapting them to a mobile framework that uses readily available technologies and components.