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Radiation Scout
Radioactive Material Detection Made Easy

Detection and identification of radiological threats are critical in today’s world. Securing locations against the theft and transportation of these deadly substances presents a technical and economic conundrum. Current industry solutions are not up to the task of extensive, flexible worldwide detection at a cost effective rate. Proper radiation detection coverage is limited and existing technology covers a insignificant percentage of what is truly needed

Radiation Scout™ is a new software application that transforms a standard laptop, desktop, or handheld PDA into an advanced radiological testing and detection station. This innovative system provides a complete radiological security shield around buildings, facilities, ports, hospitals, transportation hubs, vehicles, and any other location that protection against radiation hazards is needed.

Radiation Scout™ deploys in minutes into any type of situation providing instant screening of personnel, packages, vehicles, pallets, and containers. Results can be fully networked and real time remote monitors can be deployed anywhere on any type of network including wireless.

Technically Speaking...How It Works!
Radiation Scout™ uses a standard Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) digital camera as a sensor combined with a highly advanced gamma ray detection technology provided by RedStar Technology. As radiological materials, such as Cesium 137, are passed within the sensor’s range, Radiation Scout™ will detect the material, capture an image of the detection area, generate audible/visual alert warnings, and automatically log the incident.

Radiation Scout™ Enterprise distributes alerts and creates an incident tracking record. Images and incident information will be transmitted, using a rapid secure mobile middleware technology provided by Caelum Technology, to a SQL-based database for real-time radiation results analysis delivery to networked command and control centers.


Radiation Scout™ Advantages:

  • Highly sensitive detection capability

  • Low cost of ownership, early ROI

  • Standard COTS technology

  • Minimum training requirements

  • Rapid deployment & redeployment capabilities

  • Notifies alerts through alarm sounds

  • Automatic imaging and tracking of radiation events

  • Operates unattended 24 hours a day

Radiation Scout Versions