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Facial Scout™
Fast, Secure & Reliable Mobile Facial Recognition for use on smart phones, tablets and PCs

Potential enemy combatants, persons of interest, and friendly inhabitants are difficult to identify, register, and track effectively across a geographically dispersed region. Individuals can mask their appearance using different clothing, shaving beards, cutting hair, etc. making it impossible for troops, security, federal agents and police to consistently recognize a given individual. Mobile facial recognition will greatly assist in the identification and tracking of potential threats inside of any population group.

Monitoring for suspects is an increasing security concern. There are legal challenges to give capability to general public. Web browsing is too slow except small data sets which is why only facial recognition internet software is currently available for entertainment purposes only. There is a technological logjam - long and cumbersome linear searches. The CPU intensive nature of the facial recognition process prohibits mobility because needed mobile devices lack the necessary CPU capability to process requests. That is why, in low and inconsistent network bandwidth environments like a military or DHS hotzone facial recognition analysis cannot and does not get performed like it could and should.

Facial Scout™ makes mobile & remote facial biometrics possible.

By using TDS’s highly optimized secure software-only On-Demand Mobility server, Facial Scout™ can provide the ability to control and manage an unlimited number of handheld data sources and end points in real-time. The TDS On-Demand Mobility Middleware is specifically designed to operate over narrow bandwidth and can provide 99.9999% processing reliability and 10x to 40x processing increase even when encountering intermittent network signal enabling the ability to perform CPU intensive facial recognition in a mobile environment.

What Facial Scout™ Can Do:

Built on our TDS On-Demand Mobility Middleware platform, Facial Scout™ can quickly deploy commercial over-the-counter (COTS) mobile devices and portable IP cameras to perform facial recognition, confirm credentials, immediately assess individual’s risk.

Facial Scout™ can also issue, implement a tracking/accountability code and perform related operational alerts working in the field, back to headquarters and back to the field in near real-time.


Additional Features of
Facial Scout™:

  • A History of any previous encounters with an individual can be displayed
  • Performs “on-the fly registration” to create a file and to track individual and assign actions or tracking codes
  • Unique 2.5D capability, many pictures frames are captured/used increases accuracy
  • The choice to use a remote data center or a local laptop as the data repository
  • Rapid deployment
  • Real-time accountability and GIS reporting to both the field and to regional or remote command centers