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PictureXpress to be used as part of the Mobile Communications Center Exercise at Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) West Convention

San Diego, CA (February 11, 2009) – Tricorder Data System’s (TDS’s) PictureXpress™ software will be used as part of the Mobile Communications Center (MCC) exercise to enable Department of Defense entities to operate jointly with State and Local agencies, as well as non-governmental organizations in response to a mock major incident in a metropolitan area. PictureXpress will be responsible for personnel and asset tracking and the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR - SSC Pacific) will be providing the secured wireless communications network that PictureXpressTM will be running on during emergency operations exercise.

TDS, along with its partner Sypherlink, has been participating in a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific entitled Hastily Formed Secure Data networks (HFSDN). The objective of HFSDN is “to provide a secure wireless network and application framework that can be rapidly deployed to provide joint collaboration of different data repositories and IT resources”. TDS will be demonstrating PictureXpress™, a real-time event and Picture Tracking Application which is the first software program to incorporate HFSDN architecture. TDS’s PictureXpress™ recently underwent an EPA/HAZMAT/Emergency Responder field exercise in the counties surrounding Pittsburgh, PA. As part of this exercise, wireless/mobile hand-held devices were used to track personnel and events in “Real-Time”. PictureXpress™ residing on a wireless Motorola MC 9090 hand-held device performed flawlessly under extremely rough field conditions while:

  • Sending live data and pictures to both the “mobile command center” and the Fayette County Command approximately 45-miles away
  • Scanning ID badges to verify personnel and personnel capabilities/certifications from across several independently maintained county databases (Fayette, Somerset and Westmoreland)
  • Tracking personnel moving from the staging area into the HAZMAT hot-zone
  • Tracking personnel exiting from the hot-zone into the decontamination station and back to the staging area.

The TDS PictureXpress™ software is a National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 compliant wireless technology capable of communicating in real-time over virtually any wireless medium. PictureXpressTM is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) application that runs on either Microsoft Mobile 5.0 or 6.0 compatible devices.

Sypherlink LLC, known for combining and managing information from many different database sources. This is a notable feature differentiating TDS from all other Emergency Responder-DHS communication technologies. This capability allows different databases to exchange information seamlessly on an “as-needed” basis to insure data delivered to the field is current and accurate.

President of Tricorder Data Systems, Mr. Raymond Blankenheim, had this to say about the upcoming SPAWAR - SSC Pacific sponsored exercise…

“By obtaining live footage and information in an effective and secure manner, we are looking forward to demonstrating the enormous benefit of being able to remotely real-time manage personnel and resources in an emergency situation. This coupled with the ability to merge information from different databases, as an incident unfolds, is of critical importance in managing remote resources and assuring a secure environment.”

SSC Pacific Federal Project Manager, Mr. Nick Ramos, had this to say about the upcoming exercise…

"This effort is one of the many innovative approaches SSC Pacific is using to leverage new technologies and industry/Government partnerships to aggressively address current and future Government requirements. Security must be an enabler of the warfighting process, not a hindrance to it."


About Tricorder Data Systems (TDS) ( Tricorder creates products and services that provide real-time secure mobile computing solutions, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Waterfront Technologies located in Baltimore MD. Waterfront Technologies has been serving large federal and state government agencies and a slew of private sector clients. TDS products and services are designed to cater to handheld devices, cell phones, smart phones, laptops and embedded systems.

About Sypherlink, Inc. ( Sypherlink is an information-management-software company that intelligently links critical information across disparate data sources. The company’s client/partner base includes global 1,000 organizations, government agencies, and leading systems integrators and application/tool providers.