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The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific enters into a
Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with Baltimore based Waterfront Technologies Inc.

San Diego, California. (September 29, 2010) The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific), located in San Diego, California, has entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) entitled Low Bandwidth Wireless Networking with Waterfront Technologies, Inc. (Waterfront), located in Baltimore, Maryland.. The overall objective of the CRADA is to conduct research on the feasibility of integration of low bandwidth wireless networking with existing Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems to develop software, hardware and networks to improve data exchange in a wide variety of mission areas.

SSC Pacific and Waterfront will collaborate to evaluate the use of Waterfront’s communication server technology in naval environments (e.g. shipboard and coastal applications) for wireless enablement of C4I systems. Evaluations will cover reliability, security, capacity, re-configurability, interoperability, survivability, disaster recovery, and implementation affordability as it relates to wireless networking. The work-products that may be developed from research conducted under the CRADA may potentially improve wireless performance (10 to 40 times over existing performance in most instances) of available communications bandwidth without additional hardware. The improved bandwidth performance may enable a larger number of wireless applications to be fielded to support the warfighter.

Waterfront Technologies, through its subsidiary Tricorder Data Systems Inc., has created a “software-only” communications server that provides high-reliability for wireless communications in limited bandwidth environments. This server can operate on many different types of mediums (e.g. satellite, 802.11b, WiMAX). The server technology also provides substantially improved bandwidth utilization while at the same time implementing FIPS 140-1 3DES security; FIPS 140-2 AES security level is currently under development. Waterfront has already used the communications server technology to enable a mobile application for secure real-time transfer of images, personnel and asset accountability data via its Emergency Management Incident Tracking System (EMITS™), and sensor data and pictures transmitted via its Radiation Scout™ software product. As a result, EMITS™ and Radiation Scout™ transfer data in the form of pictures and text much more rapidly than any other existing technologies by making more efficient use of available bandwidth.

Waterfront’s communications server technology can be applied to shipboard and coastal applications in various naval mission areas, including command and control, coastal surveillance, internal security and emergency response. Increased performance of existing communications bandwidth will facilitate rapid decision making by the ship’s Commanding Officer by delivering information from the ship’s Combat Information Center in near real-time. Coastal Surveillance systems and emergency response missions could also benefit from the more efficient use of bandwidth and rapid information dissemination.

The research and development conducted under this CRADA may result in significant improvements in C4ISR or Battle Command wireless network integration technologies to collect data, share information, and collaborate between C4ISR systems and mobile devices across a low bandwidth wireless network.


About Waterfront Technologies Inc. (Waterfront) ( Baltimore based, Waterfront Technologies is a woman-owned and operated technology and marketing firm specializing in highly personalized programs and services. Certified as a WBE (Baltimore City), MBE and SBR (State of Maryland), SDB and 8(a) through the Small Business Administration, Waterfront has been serving large federal and state government agencies and a slew of private sector clients. Waterfront specializes in assessing, designing, developing and implementing information technology solutions for both government and commercial market sectors. Waterfront provides web design and development, e-commerce, e-gov, e-business, Internet and customized software, as well process architecture and methodology for wireless application enablement.

About Tricorder Data Systems (TDS) ( TDS creates products and services that provide real-time secure mobile computing solutions. It is a subsidiary of Waterfront Technologies located in Baltimore MD. TDS products and services are designed to cater to handheld devices, cell phones, smart phones, laptops and embedded systems.

About SSC Pacific ( Located in San Diego, Calif., with detachments in Hawaii, Guam and Japan, SSC Pacific is the Navy’s premier research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) laboratory for command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR). SSC Pacific provides complete life cycle development and support for military C4ISR systems — from concept to fielded capability.