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Baltimore, MD (September 24, 2007)—Today formally marks the launch of a new company: Tricorder Data Systems, Inc (TDS). Based in Baltimore, Maryland, the company will market products and services that provide advanced technology and data processing capabilities to mobile computing users.  TDS has developed their flagship product called PictureXpress™, which is designed to organize, transfer, store and provide advanced analysis on digital pictures in a real time mobile environment.  Products and services will be designed to cater to handheld devices, cell phones, smart phones, laptops and embedded systems.  The company’s goal is to help realize Star Trek’s Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a Tricorder by providing the data services that can make it a reality.

TDS will initially offer a new mobile radiation detection system beginning in late 2007. This is made possible by integrating the PictureXpress™ system with Caelum’s Secure Mobile Middleware and Vidiation’s Radiation Analytic Detection System (V-RADs™).  The radiation detection system will allow individuals to detect radiation simply by taking a picture on their mobile device. Once the photo is taken of the suspected radioactive area, it is sent securely in real time to a network server for analysis.  Within seconds, the sender is notified of a potential radiation danger or given the all clear.  The system is designed to provide a low cost, high performance detection solution using standard existing equipment where the use of the technology will garner its greatest benefit.

“We are excited to launch Tricorder Data Systems — the need for this type of service is enormous” explained Ray Blakenheim, President of TDS.  “Helping to make this product available through our mobile service offering will give everybody from the Hazmat inspector to the concerned citizen the ability to detect radiation hazards.” 

“Technology breakthroughs are occurring at a phenomenal rate.  The problem is that the IT world has become very convoluted in its use and dissemination of technology breakthroughs.  Revolutionary advances sit unused for years, sometimes decades,” explained David Edgar, CEO, TDS.  “TDS’s mission is to accelerate the access to these innovative technologies by adapting them to a mobile framework available in both a product and service based format.”

The offering of the V-RADs service is made possible by a recent VAR agreement between TDS and Vidiation.  “Vidiation, who has been working hard so that national and local security interests will be furthered with the use of its technology, looks forward to working with its VAR partner TDS”, says Vidiation’s President Frank O’Conner.  “TDS offers well seasoned government IT services expertise, Waterfront Technologies, and the top performing systems integration solution, Caelum”, O’Conner explains.  Vidiation’s principal place of business is in Lake Zurich Illinois.

TDS is being formed as a partnership between Virginia based Caelum Technologies and Baltimore based Waterfront Technologies.  Chris Cavanagh, Marketing Director of TDS and Director of Client Services for Waterfront Technologies likes the fact that this expands Waterfront’s specializations to include image analysis and systems integration architecture.   “TDS mobile solutions will give Waterfront a chance to further expand their specialized marketing and IT service capabilities toward the support of the security, antiterrorism, and homeland defense industries”, added Cavanagh. 

Additional products and services in the areas or radon detection, facial recognition, and coherent change detection are currently being planned for release in 2008.


Ray Blankenheim, President
Mr. Blankenheim has over twenty years experience as a Senior Software Engineer, Manager and Executive Officer — designing, developing, managing complex software systems for Federal and State Government as well as the private sector.  Taking the lead at developing systems for Unemployment Insurance Services, the Department of Energy, Health and Human Resources, the Employment Standards Agency (ESA) Federal Employment Compensation System (FECA), OSHA, Maryland’s Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation, Employment Training Administration PROTECH, Office of Foreign Labor Certification and Maryland’s Aviation Administration, Mr. Blankenheim is known in Washington, DC, Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland, as a technical thinker,

innovative systems designer and IT Project Leader.  Software products produced by Mr. Blankenheim demonstrate a full range of technical competency, are written in a multitude of programming languages and run on a full range of platforms (client/server, internet, intranet, laptops, personal digital assistants and mainframes). 

In addition to being President of TDS, Mr. Blankenheim is CTO of Baltimore’s Waterfront Technologies Inc.  Through these vehicles, Mr. Blankenheim continues to provide high-level expertise to his Federal, State and private sector clients always assuring that client expectations are met.  Mr. Blankenheim has overseen highly complex Configuration Management (CM) Projects at ESA, OSHA and ETA.  The overall result has been a tightly defined deployment of Capability Maturity Model (CMM) and CM standards compliance throughout these stated agencies.

David A. Edgar, CEO
Mr. Edgar has over 25 years of experience in the computer IT community.  Much of this experience has been focused in the areas of systems integration, process architecture, and security.  He coauthored the first GSA course in computer security.  Mr. Edgar was one of the senior software architects for the first X.500 system for the US Navy.  He pioneered several unique architectures for distributed data synchronization and protocol conversion.  Mr. Edgar was the inventor of the MBLink electronic mail bridge.  MBLink was the first commercial email bridging product to link VAX-based mainframes with LAN based systems.  He built the first gateways for 3COM, Microsoft Mail, Lotus Notes, SMTP, and Novell’s Global MHS. 

Mr. Edgar was a senior integrations consultant for the Executive Office of the President (EOP) for ten years and provided specialized services for over 1100 other government and commercial clients.  Mr. Edgar was the principle founder and CEO of Altarus Corporation.  He invented several advanced wireless processing architectures that formed the basis of the first secure wireless platform to successfully run across cellular, 802.11x, satellite and Bluetooth networks.  Mr. Edgar designed and developed the first HIPPA compliant wireless application for performing nursing bedside care at VA Hospitals.  He worked with NIST to receive the first FIPS 140-1 certification for a wireless platform.   Mr. Edgar designed and developed the first fully integrated mobile biometrics security authentication system using fingerprints.  He is also currently working on several new advanced designs for maintaining secure network persistency across a Software Defined Radio platform.

Janice Kaufmann, Marketing Director
Ms. Kaufmann is the President and Creative Director of TDS's partner company Waterfront Technologies (dba Waterfront Marketing) Ms. Kaufmann has over a decade of experience working as a Marketing and Art Director for several highly regarded advertising/graphic arts companies. She has overseen several locally well-known advertising campaigns such as the MTA’s Try a New Ride Clyde campaign, the University of Baltimore’s Famous Quotes campaign, the Annual Preakness Celebration campaign and the Baltimore Police Department’s A Job That Really Matters campaign. Her marketing, branding and graphic arts expertise has been critical in the field of web design and development where she has overseen the design of A Garden of Earthly Delights, Southeast Police Community Relations Council, Councilman Jim Kraft and Ed Kane's Water Taxis in Baltimore.

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